Dental Extractions in Nampa, Idaho

A dental extraction may be your best option for a healthy smile. This procedure takes place in-office. There are many different reasons you may need a dental extraction. One reason is that you have a broken tooth. If you have a broken tooth and it is irreparable, it may need to be extracted. Another reason is that the tooth may have decayed. Dental decay can put the tooth at risk for extraction. Finally, a tooth may be extracted because of overcrowding. One example of this is wisdom teeth. The back molars are often so overcrowded that they cause pain. In this situation, it is best to extract the teeth.

What Is The Tooth Extraction Process?

There are two main types of dental extractions. The first type is a simple dental extraction. A dental extraction is done when the tooth is visible. The dentist uses tools to pull out the tooth. The second type is surgical extraction. A surgical extraction is done when the entire tooth is not visible. This often occurs with wisdom tooth extractions.

Why Do I Need A Tooth Extracted?

There are many reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. Here are a few listed below.

Impaction. When one tooth is pressing against another tooth, it is called tooth impaction. When this occurs, the teeth are often not straight up and down, making it hard for them to erupt correctly. This condition can also cause severe pain and difficulty opening the mouth. Common teeth that get impacted are wisdom teeth or third molars.

Gum Disease. Plaque and tartar, caused by bacteria build-up, can eat away at the gums. As they remove the gums, they begin to disintegrate the bone holding the tooth. At Southridge Dental, we do everything we can to save every tooth. Yet, if too much damage is done, we may have to extract the tooth.

Tooth Decay. Like gum disease, tooth decay is caused by bacteria. Instead of eating the gums and bone around the tooth, the bacteria break down the tooth itself. One way to save a tooth with decay is with a dental filling or crown. Yet, you may need a tooth extraction.

Overcrowding. Finally, a tooth may be extracted because of overcrowding. This is when there are too many teeth in one area. This can cause pain and even tooth impaction. Removing a tooth can give other teeth the chance to spread out and grow.

Do Dental Extractions Hurt?

During a tooth extraction, you should not feel excessive pain. At Southridge Dental, we provide sedation dentistry to make our patients comfortable during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry includes conscious sedation, oral and nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. For more information about sedation dentistry at Southridge Dental, call our office today.

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