Implant Dentistry Nampa ID

Affordable Dental Implant Solutions

Our Goal: To Make Dental Implants an Option for ALL Patients

  • CAD/CAM Technology
  • Office custom fabricated implant crown

  • Screw-Retained Crown
  • Eliminating the need of custom abutments inmost single tooth implant cases

  • In-House 3D-Imaging
  • Quantity w/o Jeopardizing Quality
  • More people can afford implant dentistry which naturally brings the overall cost down


$899 - Implant

$1,995 - Single Tooth Implant & Crown

$500 - Denture Abutment

Free Exam & 3D-Image Scan

Implant Secured Dentures Dentist Nampa ID

Missing or Broken Tooth Replacement --- Implant Support Bridge --- Implant Retained Denture

3-D Technology Nampa ID

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